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Growth Strategies

With economies and our industry in turmoil, it is hard to focus on growth, but every ship in the storm has to know where the harbor lies, and every firm has to have its key goals. Even in the most difficult of times, the long-term interests are often best served by understanding the opportunities and risks of growth. Growth comes in many forms and has many drivers. Not every business is ready to grow, and not every business can undertake the financial and operational risk of growth, but without growth, every business faces the beginning of decline and, ultimately, irrelevance to its customers.

The major opportunities in our industry today are crystal clear:

The high cost of operating business in Europe and the relative strength of currencies make Europe a highly attractive market for American businesses. The economies of scale and service excellence of American manufacturers can be transferred and leveraged profitably by accessing European markets, often with the same customers and products. OP Resource can guide North American firms through the complexities of European markets and make the connections that lead to sustainable and profitable business. We reduce the risks posed by lack of knowledge and understanding of the important differences in foreign markets. We make sure our clients are fully prepared and able to make strategic decisions based on the most up-to-date facts and realities.

North America
European firms have successfully entered neighboring markets, often where the language, currency, and business practices are quite different from their own. There are huge opportunities in the world’s largest market, the United States, where customers are hungry for innovation, advanced design, and premium quality products. At a time when there is so much uncertainty, the size and strength and accessibility of the US market is undeniable.

OP Resource can help you understand what works and what doesn’t. We can supply information and make introductions that lead to good decisions and build the model that works fast and profitably for you and your customers.

Collaboration, Partnering, and Ownership Options
The seismic shifts of the recent past have left a legacy of uncertainty. Such uncertainty brings unique opportunities. Some firms simply won’t make it. Others will decide to seek partners or dispose of their business altogether as a way to best serve their stakeholder interests.

OP Resource can work with you to identify opportunity or conversely mitigate threat. Our knowledge of industry players across the world can identify and connect you with partners or investors you may never have thought of and expand the possibilities and options open to you.

Networks & Knowledge
For many smaller firms, OPR is a resource that offers CEO-level experience and knowledge, and a track record of success in major global markets. Working with smaller businesses that typically are fully deploying their resources to simply address today’s needs, we provide hands-on help to grow and to defend against future competitive inroads by the larger players. In difficult times, just having access to reliable, experienced insight and information can calm the decision making process and lead to safer and more sustainable options for your business.