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The OPR Philosophy
  • OPR functions exclusively within the office products industry, maintaining the currency and relevance of its acquired knowledge and making this knowledge available to its clients

  • OPR maintains the highest ethical standards and enjoys the highest levels of confidence and trust

  • Information and knowledge gained from our client experience is available to help OPR provide effective guidance and direction. Specific and proprietary client information is never shared

  • OPR will work with industry firms on an unrestricted basis, with the exception that we will not undertake work for the direct competitors of existing clients

  • OPR is committed to positive change identified by tangible and measurable results

  • OPR serves all constituents in the client's business and is focused on the health and wealth of the client's business as a whole

  • OPR is committed to the profitability of its clients. Profit provides the best options for the future and serves the interests of all stakeholders

  • OPR at all times works as part of the team. We are catalysts and guides. We never replace; we supplement and reinforce

  • OPR believes the best results come from an aligned team. OPR promotes communication and learning and wherever possible, an inclusive methodology